“THANK YOU!!! I am so excited for the future. I think I sense a change already in Jack’s demeanor and attitude. I feel so positive that this could make such a difference in his attitude, confidence and schoolwork. I will keep you posted.”

A.M(immediately after the program)

“I wanted to follow up with you and let you know that Jack has been doing amazing. He is almost at grade level for reading and comprehension. His writing keeps improving every day, and most importantly – he seems to have an unbelievable attitude towards school and to doing better. I feel like ever since he worked with you, we have seen a metamorphosis.”

“I think that using his orientation point is really moving into all his work and making a difference. I am optimistic that he is on his way to having a way more positive school year.”

A.M.(5 months after the program)

"Luke is doing very well, I’m concentrating on one word a day…. slow and steady wins the race (that’s my moto with Luke). His reading is amazing with the sweep sweep method!”

Luke’s mom(2 months after the program)

“Teagan has a sentence spell test this Friday so tonight I read the sentence and she got four incorrect spellings. We built the words in clay and now guess what…..she has spelt her sentence correctly for Friday already!! Your system is magic! ”

Teagan’s Mother

“Sam worked with my son Walker (age 9), to help him with focusing and his difficulty with writing. She was enthusiastic, patient and kind. Walker often struggles with instruction and Sam was adept at explaining strategies to him in a clear and succinct manner. Walker continues to utilize many of the tools Sam taught him (Orientation Point, the Mind’s eye and the energy dial) at school, and for his AA hockey. My background is an MA Psychotherapist, and I think the techniques developed in this program are very effective for learning in and outside of the classroom. Thank-you Sam!”

Walker’s mom(6 months after the program)

“Thank you for helping me with my dyslexia. I had so much fun with you and learned so much, like reading and Koosh. I think your exercises will really help me, and I will work really hard on all my follow up work. Jane, you are the best teacher ever!”

ND – 8 yrs old(immediately after the program)

“ND learned that she is in charge of when she is oriented or not, and where her energy is at. She is in charge of many aspects of her body that she didn’t realize before. She liked spending one-on-one time with Jane and appreciated how patient Jane was; always giving her an opportunity to finish what she was working on. ND is also consistently using lower case letters now in her writing. She has been using her dial and release quite a bit to focus and use appropriate amounts of energy for the task at hand. She feels she can do “stuff faster and better now”!

ND’s Mom(2 months after program)

“I can be oriented. I can control my energy. My lowercase d’s and b’s are automatic. I am reading well now. I’m not dropping or adding any words.”

ND(2 months after program)

“Reading for me has never be fun. I read to get things done. Through me doing the program I find reading easier and it gets easier the more I do it and it helps me guide my daughter. The Davis program has also helped my daughter and me in focus, centering and balance. Thank you Samantha and Jane for your time and teaching.”

Jessica and EmilyMother and daughter both did the program separately and are working on the follow up together.

“Being able to sculpt the words and concepts in clay helps a lot to give them meaning. It also helps to encourage looking things up in a dictionary if they aren't understood.

The orientation point has helped me not be distracted as easily as before and helped me stay calm in stressful situations.

With the technique sweep sweep spell, I know to go slowly enough to get the whole word and it works!

Overall, I think this is a great program!”

Laura - 24 yrs old(after the program)