Davis Attention Mastery For ADD ADHD

Does your child have a tendency to:EMC2

• Be distracted easily?
• Daydream excessively?
• Struggle with time management?
• Be impulsive - act without thinking?
• Be disorganized?
• Have difficulty making or keeping friends?
• Struggle with understanding and following instructions?
• Have too much or too little energy for what needs to be done?

Davis Attention Mastery program provides DRUG FREE solutions to address problems associated with attention. The Davis approach uses simple techniques to help with focus, control of energy and stress. These self-regulating tools, coupled with Davis Concept Mastery allows you to examine your own behaviour and the impact it has on others.

During the program we also focus on your positive attributes, which we refer to as gifts, such as:

• Natural inquisitiveness
• Multi-tasking abilities
• Humour and quick-wit
• Visionary, out of the box thinking
• Entrepreneurial, risk taker

Program Specifics:

• Davis Orientation Counselling - recognize when disoriented (not focused), what the impact is, and what to do about it.
Davis Symbol Mastery - identify and resolve confusion with basic symbols.
Energy management - learn a simple technique to match energy level to the task or situation.
Stress management - reduce anxiety and enhance performance.
Concept Mastery – master concepts often missing or incorrect: change, consequence, time, sequence, order.
Social skills development - increase self-esteem and self-management in social situations.
Balance and co-ordination – strengthen ability to focus and improve balance with Koosh® Ball exercises.
Time management and organization – develops with concept mastery and specific activities.

Program Prerequisites:

Assessment: An open and informal discussion about what is hard, the challenges, and what is easy, the gifts, to determine if the Davis program fits your needs. A simple activity also takes place to discover your thinking style.

Desire for change: For a Davis program to be effective, you must be personally motivated to change and be willing to improve some aspect of your personal performance.

Drug free: Certain drugs block the effectiveness of some of the Davis methods and as a result, must be disclosed during the assessment.

Turning Point program includes:

• Five to eight consecutive days of one-on-one facilitation, depending on needs determined during the assessment.
• Support training for family, tutor(s) or teacher(s) on the afternoon of the last day to ensure post-program follow-up and success.
• All necessary take-home materials for program follow-up.
• Three return follow up visits, if necessary, and unlimited phone/email consultations.

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