Meet the Facilitators

Sam Tremaine


Samantha began her teaching career as a Montessori teacher and later pursued a Master’s in Childhood Education. Having taught in a classroom setting for many years, Samantha realized that what she enjoyed most was working one on one with students and helping them make connections in the areas in which they struggled. As a teacher, she always did her best to create a learning environment that motivated and met the needs of all of her students. However, there were times when she felt frustrated that she could not give each of her students more individual attention and did not have the tools to help them overcome many of their learning challenges. After several years as a Montessori teacher, a family member introduced Samantha to the book The Gift of Dyslexia and she was immediately interested in learning more about the program. After her first Davis workshop she was so excited about this unique approach to learning and knew she wanted to be a facilitator. The Davis Dyslexia Association training has given Samantha amazing tools to help her clients with dyslexia and associated learning disabilities unlock their learning potential. Samantha is passionate about helping those with dyslexia tap into this exceptional way of learning and to facilitate them as they discover their gifts and overcome their challenges.DDA Certified

Jane Tryon

After discovering her son was Dyslexic/ADD, Jane's journey with the Davis program began. Jane loved the creative, multisensory approach, honouring natural thinking style, and the significant impact the Davis program has had on her son and family. Supporting her son and other children through the follow up activities, and seeing their collective success made her want to become a Davis facilitator.

Jane felt a strong connection with the Davis concepts and core values and can identify with her clients learning style, having discovered she too has the strong perceptual ability dyslexics share.

Her passion for helping children resolve their learning struggles early on, extensive experience as a program designer and facilitator of productivity related training programs in the corporate world, plus keen interest in accelerated learning and solution finding, combine to make Jane a gifted Davis facilitator.

Jane is excited to share the Davis programs to help her clients resolve their dyslexic difficulties, both in learning and life, and as part of the process, help them discover their unique gifts.DDA Certified