Do reading or attention difficulties run in your family? Is an older sibling struggling in school?

Have you noticed that your child exhibits some of the following? Delayed language, confuses names ofTPL Pic 13 items, trouble with rhymes, withdraws and 'in own world', often seems to not hear when being spoken to, disinterest in learning from books, lack of co-ordination, awkward grip when colouring/painting, baby talk beyond expected time, and perhaps special talents too?

Are you keen to give your child the best start in literacy?

The Davis Reading Program for Young Learners is a reading enhancement program for children aged 5 – 7. Based on the Davis Dyslexia Correction Program, this program will give your child lifelong skills to make learning more enjoyable and successful, developing reading fluency and comprehension.


• self-regulation skills
• ability to focus
• energy management
• stress management
• letter and alphabet mastery
• use of common punctuation marks
• reading using - spell-reading, sweep-sweep-spell, picture-at-punctuation
• mastery of basic non-picture words, which will complement and enhance phonetic decoding skills

The parent or support person participate in a minimum of half of the program so that they can gain the skills needed to continue the Davis techniques at home with the follow up work. This 30 hr program is usually done over 10 half days.

The direct result of the Young Learners program is that your child:

• Will be unlikely to develop a learning difficulty
• Will be more likely to qualify for a gifted program
• Will have excellent word recognition in comparison to peers