Mindfulness Tools to Help You Stay Calm and Focused

By October 23, 2018Mindfullness


6 Easy Steps to reduce anxiety and increase focus

People with Specific Learning Disabilities or Dyslexia, often struggle with anxiety, which can make learning and life more difficult. Children need to be calm and focused to learn. Parents and teachers need to be calm and focused to help children learn.

Teach your kids to use these 6 quick and easy breathing/movement/balance activities to achieve a relaxed state of calm and focus. Repeat 3 times each and enjoy the feeling of release it brings to your neck, shoulders and face.

  1. Release – inhale deeply, hold for 3, exhale and release – just ‘let go’ with an ahhhh sound.
  2. Chin up – while inhaling deeply, lift your chin up slowly for 3, exhale and release.
  3. Butterfly – interlock fingers and place under chin. While inhaling deeply, elbows come up, knuckles gently push chin up. Release slowly and bring elbows down.
  4. Rocket – hands together, arms straight – inhale deeply while hands rise up and over your head. Elbows bend, hands touch the crown and slide down the back of your head. Exhale your hands back down in front.
  5. Shoulder massage and hug – cross arms, hands to opposite shoulders – give yourself a hug and gentle shoulder massage… ahhh.
  6. Balance on one foot, chin down and hold for 3 deep breaths. Switch feet and repeat.


1-5 can be done while seated if preferred.

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