Davis Dyslexia Correction:

The Davis Dyslexia Correction program is a positive, creative based 30-hour program designed for the visual-spatial individual. After our one week program, clients will have the tools necessary to overcome their struggles with the symptoms of Dyslexia.

At Turning Point Learning, we apply the Davis methods to get to the root cause of our clients’ learning difficulties and correct them using their natural strengths and gifts. Clients will learn how they learn and leave with the ability to apply the knowledge obtained during the program into their daily lives.

Program Specifics:

Davis Orientation Counseling: This is the first step in any Davis program. It provides clients with the ability to detect and self-correct distorted perception caused by confusion with letters, words, numerals, and other symbols.

Clay: Disorientation occurs in reaction to confusion. Working with clay allows for confusion to be realized and resolved - in a multi-dimensional, creative way that fits the dyslexic thinking and learning style.

Davis Symbol Mastery: Clients start by resolving confusion with the basic literacy symbols, including letters and punctuation marks.

Davis Word Mastery: Clients use a dictionary and clay to create 3-D models for abstract trigger words that do not give them a picture. Once these words are mastered they will no longer cause confusion or disorientation.

Koosh Ball Exercises: These fun exercise help improve balance and coordination and help clients to stay oriented for longer periods of time.

Reading Exercises: We provide three simple, yet effective reading exercises that improve word recognition, reading fluency and comprehension.

“When someone masters something, it becomes a part of that person. It becomes part of the individual's thought and creative process. It adds the quality of its essence to all subsequent thought and creativity of the individual.”
― Ronald D. Davis


Program Prerequisites:

Assessment: An open and informal discussion about what is hard, the challenges, and what is easy, the gifts, to determine if the Davis program fits your needs. A simple activity also takes place to discover your thinking style.

Desire for change: For a Davis program to be effective, you must be personally motivated to change and be willing to improve some aspect of your personal performance.

Drug free: Certain drugs block the effectiveness of some of the Davis methods and as a result, all medications must be disclosed during the assessment.


Turning Point program includes:

• Five consecutive days of one-on-one training.
• Support training for family, tutor(s) or teacher(s) on the afternoon of the last day to ensure post-program follow-up and success.
• All necessary take-home materials for program follow-up.
• Three return follow up visits, if necessary, and unlimited phone/email consultations.