The Process

Turning Point Learning is focused on helping clients, of all ages, overcome challenges that arise from being primarily a picture thinker in the verbal, sound thinking world of school and work.

The Five Step Process:

1. Phone Consultation

For anyone interested in learning more about the symptoms of Dyslexia, Davis programs and Turning Point Learning. Contact Jane (Halton | Muskoka | Niagara | Wentworth) or Samantha (Greater Toronto Area)

2. Initial Assessment

A meeting, approximately two hours in length is arranged to discover what is hard - the challenge, what is easy-the gift, and what the clients goals are. An activity is also done to discover clients thinking style. Everything discussed is confidential and is used to taylor the client’s program week. 

3. Program week

Davis programs are typically 5 days in length, depending on the needs identified. Facilitator and client work one on one, from 9-4, with a one hour lunch break.

Davis programs are designed to work with one's natural thinking style and are therefore; educational, therapeutic and enjoyable. The facilitation of the program are strongly linked throughout the week to the client’s goals, ensuring effectiveness.

4. Support training

Typically, the last afternoon of the program is when support training occurs. This could be a parent, tutor, caregiver/sitter, or teacher.

A client leaves the program with all the tools and ability to integrate the Davis methods into life and do the follow up work.

The follow up schedule is determined by the client and is a very important aspect of continued success.

Davis Symbol Mastery, of 200+ trigger words is an essential part of dyslexia correction. Orientation Counselling corrects perception, Symbol Mastery corrects Dyslexia.

5. Follow-up

Your Turning Point facilitator will provide follow up support through emails and phone calls as agreed upon. One on one reviews can also be arranged.