Are you parenting a child who has ADHD?

Do you want some tools, strategies, and support?

In our program you learn how to:

Reduce the chaos and defiance that often occurs.

Establish appropriate rules and expectations.

Improve your child’s self-esteem and help them capitalize on their strengths.

Reduce homework stress for you and your child.

Advocate for your child in school with knowledge and confidence.


We offer a 7 session workshop series “Calm and Connected”:

Session 1 – Understanding ADHD/Executive Function.

This session can be taken alone. Topics covered include:

How ADHD and Executive Function Deficit impacts learning and behaviour.

What makes following directions and consistency so challenging.

Why concepts like organizations and time management seem to be learned, but not followed.

How using rewards and punishments often create more problems than they solve.

Learn why attention and discipline alone are not enough to improve performance and compliance.

Session 2 – Remaining Calm & Connected

Session 3 – Improving Communication

Session 4 – Encouraging Collaboration

Session 5 – Achieving Clarity & Consistency

Session 6 – Effective Consequences

Session 7 – Facilitating making Better Choices

Authorization: Samantha Tremaine is a Parent Coach and Licensed Facilitator of the Calm and Connected© Parenting Program created by Cindy Goldrich, Ed.M., ADHD-CCSP